About Us
Fruit of Her Hands Foundation was established in April 2016 as a charity that serves the needy, offering material, emotional, and spiritual support to those that need it, worldwide. Our mission is to spread love and hope throughout the world, serving all those that are vulnerable. We hold various women’s networking meetings to empower women in all important areas. Our goal is to encourage women and children to become their best selves emotionally, physically and spiritually.
We believe in empowering women and children.

Our Team

Dr Esther Nnadi - Founder

Dr Esther Nnadi founded Fruit of Her Hands Foundation to give back to her community, both locally, and abroad. She is a medical doctor by profession and has performed medical outreach to developing countries throughout Africa. She has volunteered on a number of projects in a variety of African countries. She has been performing charity work for close to a decade, spreading health, happiness and hope to those who are less fortunate.

Patrick Nnadi - Offender Coordinator

Patrick Nnadi has been involved in charity work for over 20 years, bringing hope and assistance to those in need. He is highly experienced in dealing with vulnerable individuals and ex-offenders. He leads all prison outreach programmes, as well as offering assistance and support on a number of other programmes.

Johnbull Jirhaye - African Director

Johnbull Jirhaye is the African Director of Fruit of Her Hands. He has been performing charity work for over a decade, providing assistance in countries throughout Africa. He is passionate about community engagement and mobilisation in developing countries.