Campaign & Events
1. Our work in Kenya was rewarded with the famouus handshake between the President and the opposition in February this year. That is a great testimonial to the peace project in Kenya.
2. People impacted in Kenya alone runs into thousands.
41 children’s homes
22 schools
More than 22 churches
Several youth groups and organizations in slum areas.
Hundreds of single ladies, widows and women at the big rally where Mrs Sarah Nnadi spoke in Nairobi Kenya.
Our project has also affected people in Nigeria, Uganda, USA, Estonia and other countries where we have sent money to vunerable children

Number of people in our program
Kenya, we have worked with at least 15 persons some of which are still actively in touch with me.

In Ghana, we have ten persons in our program.

In Nigeria we have five persons.

We are looking forward to engage about ten more persons in Ghana because of the projects we are engaging in very soon.

Fruit of Her Hands Foundation is making impact in the world.